Saturday, 10 October 2015

Codeigniter 3 from scratch part 1

By Saturday, October 10, 2015
CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework built for developers who need a simple toolkit to create dynamic web applications.
You can learn the framework easily in short span of time.Just follow the tutorial.

  1. Knowledge on php and mysql.
  2. basic object oriented programming concepts. 
  3. Knowledge on apache/iis server setup with php or xampp or wamp or mamp to use locally.

To begin our tutorial on Codeigniter from scratch, lets setup server locally. For this tutorial I am using xampp for windows (1.8.3 version) ,you can download it for free at

After installation ,just click the control panel  and start apache and mysql server. Check this link, if you have any trouble with installation and starting xampp server.If every thing goes well you should see something like this when you open http://locahost/xampp.

Now,since you have successfully installed apache,php and mysql server setup, lets download the framework and start using it.

Click Download. The current version of Codeigniter (at the time of writing this tutorial is  3.0.3).

Download it (zipped) and extract it with your favourite rar software.( I use winrar). After extracting copy the files to xampp/htdocs folder. If using windows and installed in C: drive then the path would be C:\xampp\htdocs. If  you are using wamp software instead of xampp, the root path would be www folder.

I have renamed the file to ci3.So, Codeignitor framework path would be C:\xampp\htdocs\ci3.
The document folder and file structure should be as shown in the below figure.

Now, open any browser ( I personally prefer google chrome) and enter localhost/ci3 in your address bar. If you see "Welcome to CodeIgniter" message then you have successfully installed the framework in your local environment.  See the below screenshot, if you see the same content in your browser, congratulations!! you have installed codeigniter framework.

In the next tutorial, lets configure codeigniter framework , integrate database ,use  helpers, libraries and verify  development mode and production mode.

Codeigniter 3 from scratch part 2 coming soon.


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